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Our PROGRAMMATIC DISPLAY TECHNOLOGY helps BRANDS intelligently engage customers in-store.


Brand marketers have been longing for a solution to intelligently engage consumers in-store as they do online. Attempts to involuntarily track and invasively message customers in-store via their mobile device and social networks have proven to be categorically ineffective and wholly inappropriate.

We have a better approach…

IDG’s Programmatic Technology Division has developed an intelligent in-store, on-shelf video messaging solution which enables brands to help consumers shop more effectively.

Never before have brand marketers had the power to programmatically optimize an assortment presentation and make relevant product recommendations in-store.

Benefits to brands include: Increased customer engagement and incremental sales, differentiation from competitors, unprecedented cross-sell opportunities, flexible promotion capabilities and expanded media utilization.



Our connected platform employs proprietary Artificial Intelligence systems to sense anonymous demographic signals and deliver real-time visual messages to customers. No personally identifiable information is ever utilized, transmitted or retained.



Our platform employs a proprietary amalgam of C.V. algorithms to optimize the recognition engine to rapidly assign an anonymized consumer profile. Deep neural networks fuse data from different sensors to anonymously and instantly react to the presence of a subject.



Delivering intelligent, real-time activations in-store requires significant computational power. Leveraging the advances and economies of scale from applications including autonomous vehicle   operations and industrial security systems, we have been able to develop an on-board processing system which is cost effective and suitably flexible for the retail environment.



We use industrial IoT connections provisioned by national providers guaranteeing uptime, intrusion protection and monitoring. Our proprietary content distribution network is white labeled for each brand so no brand safety issues exist.


Only IDG’s Programmatic Technology Division has the expertise to combine leading edge A.I. technology with industrial IoT connectivity with a sensitivity to the retail environment. We understand retail, brand requirements and technology execution.



Integrated Display Group is a leading-edge consultancy that creates brilliant displays, fixtures and retail environments for global brands and retailers.  Utilizing industry leading design, extensive retail intelligence and unique shopper-marketing insights, IDG partners with many of the world’s leading retailers and brands to accomplish their retail display objectives.

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Integrated Display Group launched an advanced technology department in 2014 to help brands and retailers explore how to best evaluate and deploy new technologies into displays.


Over the past two decades, IDG has evolved into one of the most revered retail point-of-purchase display design and manufacturing companies in North America.


IDG’s Programmatic Technology Division was established to develop strategies and technical solutions for brands looking to enhance business results at retail. Combining deep expertise in Artificial Intelligence expert systems, content distribution IoT network security and unparalleled retail display design, manufacturing and deployment resources, IDG's Programmatic Technology Division is uniquely positioned to help brands intelligently engage customers in-store. 




President & Co-founder, Integrated Display Group

Larry has been on the forefront of infusing technologies into retail fixtures since co-founding Integrated Display Group in 1994. He has managed IDG’s explosive growth while continually exploring transformative technological advancements. Larry’s vision for utilizing sensors in retail displays to acquire consumer insights has led to several breakthroughs which IDG has shared with customers including: Sony, Samsung, Revlon and Best Buy.


Vice-President, Design Director & Co-founder, Integrated Display Group

Simon co-founded Integrated Display Group 24 years ago and his extensive background in industrial and mechanical design is the foundation for IDG’s innovative design approach. Expert in synthesizing material science with elements of form, structure, scale and shape, Simon is an award-winning designer and executive with an unparalleled understanding of how to optimize consumer interactions with retail displays.


President, IDG Programmatic Technology Division

Troy is an accomplished senior executive with extensive retail, e-commerce and digital experience. His unique ability to leverage technology to bolster business results and catalyze high-potential growth opportunities has led to progressive public company leadership roles in: corporate development, strategy, M&A, product management and international expansion. Troy’s background as a tech CEO, startup mentor and technical advisor has been instrumental in the formation of IDG’s Programmatic Technology Division.

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Tel: (905) 660-6401

388 Romina Drive

Vaughan, ON

Canada L4K 5X9

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